🚀Dive into the Beta Expedition

Beta Testers, Your Moment Has Arrived! Dive into the Graphtor beta version, specially crafted for data enthusiasts eager to explore, refine, and revolutionize.

Update Alert! Remember the Strata name? We've evolved into Graphtor, the faster dinosaur at the forefront of data visualization. It's time to embrace your inner data raptor and dive deep into the insights hunt with us.

Welcome to Graphtor 🦖

We're engineering the fastest and most intuitive agile DataViz platform. You're about to embark on the beta expedition journey through the wilds of data analytics with Graphtor – your new buddy in the realm of insights and charts, explicitly designed for modern data hunters like you, eager to track down insights with precision and flair.

Graphtor's Beta Features

  • 🔌 Diverse Data Integration: From the vast savannas of spreadsheets to the dense forests of databases, Graphtor connects diverse data sources with ease.

  • 🖋️ SQL Query editor: Command the language of data dinosaurs with our SQL editor - Dive into data with SQL queries to slice through data jungles with the precision of a raptor's claw.

  • 🔧 SQL Parameters: Fine-tune your data analysis with SQL parameters. Graphtor empowers you to adjust your analysis on the fly, making it as agile and efficient as possible.

  • 🎨 Visualization: From insight-packed bar and line charts to fluid Sankey diagrams, Tailor each chart to your analytical needs with aggregations and settings options.

  • 📤 Export Insights with Ease: Share your charts with the world. Graphtor enables effortless export of insights in PNG and SVG formats, ensuring your data stories can shine anywhere.

As the apex raptors of the DataViz ecosystem, your feedback is crucial in helping us evolve into an efficient platform for data professionals. Share your experiences, challenges, triumphs, and feedback on this exciting journey through Graphtor beta.

Let's go!

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