🎬Week 1: Netflix IMDb Score

Dive into the IMDb scores and reveal how many Movies and TV shows Netflix harbour's within different rating brackets (for example: low, medium, high). and how are these distributed across both types of content?

Your Mission:

Craft a column chart that crisply showcases the number of Movies vs. TV shows across different IMDb rating ranges on Graphtor Beta.

Dataset 🦕

This CSV dataset, Netflix TV Shows and Movies, invites you to unleash your analytical instincts. Follow the guide here.


Your presentation should be instantly understandable and offer an intuitive data interpretation. When you're ready to share your chart, post it in our Discord channel: 🛋・ask-and-share.

Prepare to embark! Grab your data and let the charting commence with Graphtor Beta! 🎨🛡️

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