📈Example 1: IMDB Scores of Netflix's TV Shows and Movies Treasures

Here's your beta test dataset, for you expedition with Graphtor's beta features, feel free to experiment. Your feedback will be the beacon that guides us!


Welcome, data raptors, to the beta testing with Graphtor. Your goal is to harness Graphtor Beta's mighty visualization features and SQL prowess to map out the intricate patterns within the Netflix ecosystem. Your insights will illuminate the path for fellow beta tester adventurers and shape the evolution of Graphtor, ensuring it is the velociraptor in the data visualization domain.

Dataset 🦕

This CSV dataset, Netflix TV Shows and Movies, a kaleidoscope of Netflix entertainment, invites you to unleash your analytical instincts.

Start the expedition with Graphtor Beta

  • Sign up for Graphtor: Start here 👉 beta.graphtor.io

  • Download a sample CSV

  • Create a Datasource

    • The dataset type CSV and Upload the file to Graphtor beta, and then Publish.

  • It's time to create a Chart:

Analysis Suggestion for this Case

  • What is the average IMDb score and the total count of titles for each type and release year among titles that have received 100 or more IMDb votes? Experiment with the SQL Query Editor to manipulate the dataset and review the results table.

Try this Query:

  AVG(imdb_score) AS average_imdb_score,  -- Average IMDb rating
  COUNT(*) AS title_count  -- Total count of titles
  imdb_votes >= 100  -- Includes only titles with at least 100 votes on IMDb
  release_year,  -- Groups the results by release year
  type           -- and by type
  release_year ASC,  
  type ASC;          
  • Remember to select your data source before writing your SQL query. Click on "Save & Preview" to view the results table. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the data to craft your first chart.

Visualization: Crafting Your Chart 📊

  • Go to the Visualization tab, select Chart, and choose your chart type. Remember to click Save & Preview to see your changes and when configuring your Chart with aggregations or organizing your data.

  • Although many other features and settings exist to experiment with, take your time. Then go to the hamburger icon to download your Chart and share it with us.

How would you describe your overall experience with Graphtor Beta?

  • We're all ears and eyes for your Chart in our Discord channel 📝🗣・feedback, or email us at [beta@fensteranalytics.com] with your feedback and Chart captures.

  • Then, we will send you a link with a survey so you can leave us your information. This way, we'll send you our git, an exclusive Graphtor SWAG! Thank you for your pioneering spirit and for joining us to delve deeper into the Graphtor Beta journey.

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